You'll be surprised to find out who Hannah Berner will ask to be her bridesmaids

Summer House cast anggota and bride-to-be Hannah Berner stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday (March 18) just weeks after she confirmed her engagement to Des Bishop. While beaming into the Clubhouse virtually, she was asked to share more details about her fianc, as well as their future wedding plans. And it was in the midst of that conversation that Hannah revealed a shocking decision when it comes to who she will ask to be her bridesmaids.
"I don't think I'm going to do bridesmaids 'cause it stresses me out and everyone really hates it," she said. "It's really just like making your friends work for you, so I'm gonna just invite people to have fun for the wedding."

Another hot topic, besides Des' uncanny resemblance to Kyle Cooke, is the fact that Des is 45. So, how did Hannah's parents react to the 15-year age difference? "They love that I'm not dating a little boy," she said. "They get to talk about the '80s with him. They have a lot of fun with that."

Oh, and if you're wondering if Luke Gulbranson has reached out to Hannah to congratulate her on her happy news, might we suggest you press play on the video above to hear all those details.

We do know for a fact that Hannah's Bravo's Chat Room co-hosts, Gizelle Bryant and Porsha Williams, are more than happy for their pal.


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