Victim of crime 'lost her way' when she turned to selling drugs, court told

A woman who admitted two serious drugs charges had recently been the victim of a crime, a New Plymouth court was told.
Sarah Michelle Broughton had been through a very very difficult time, that included allegedly being kidnapped and viciously assaulted , her defence lawyer Andrew Laurenson told the court.


She lost her way.

According to the summary of facts in the New Plymouth District Court, Broughton had sent text messages advising customers that either she or her supplier had trips, pills, MD, sherbet and tabs.

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Throughout the text data were references to LSD and MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, often using common slang names, the summary said.

Broughton would then collect the items from her supplier and forward them on to her customers.

Between May 5 and June 4, 2020, text analysis showed she had taken part in several deals where she organised the exchange of 10 tabs of LSD and 1.5 grams of MDMA, or 15 MDMA pills.

Also on May 5, while New Zealand was still in level 3 lockdown, Broughton had a text message conversation with a 16-year-old male offering to supply him with a pound of cannabis for $3000.

Following a sentencing indication on Friday, she admitted supplying the class A drug LSD, which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment, and offering to supply cannabis, which carries a maximum penalty of eight years' imprisonment.

Broughton declined to comment, the summary said.

She will be sentenced in June.


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