This mum took her business from a turnover of under $300 a month to more than $30K a month

OPINION: I am Julia, Director of More than Milk, wife to Paul and mama to Sofia, Henry and Harper. My More than Milk journey began in 2014.
I was inspired by becoming a mum myself and had a passion for helping other mums to breastfeed.

I am a registered nurse, lactation consultant and registered immuniser, but wanted to do more.


I launched Bellema breast pumps as a solo entrepreneur while still working at the hospital as a lactation consultant.

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More than Milk had a basic website, one model of breast pump purchased through a distributor here in NZ, and a vision: to become New Zealands home for anything breastfeeding.

I did everything myself: online research, running free courses, SEO, learning how to use Xero, and creating my own Facebook ads.

It was a challenge, but having a supportive husband was an enormous help.

Scaling up​

From those beginnings, it took a long period of intensive effort, research and design to bring the dream of More than Milk to life.

We moved from sourcing products locally to sourcing them overseas, then to designing our own breast pump, under the Bellema brand by one of the worlds leading breast pump manufacturers.

Were incredibly proud that Bellema has been nominated as a finalist for an Oh Baby award for Best Electric Breast Pump.

Growth meant I could no longer do everything myself.

For instance, I outsource advertising for my google and social media ads. Working with a business coach has also been a game-changer for me.

More than Milk today​

Turnover, which was once as low as $300 a month, has now reached $30K a month.

That enabled me to leave my role at the hospital about a year ago and go all in with More than Milk.

Covid-19 has been a huge challenge for us. Just as wed secured two nationwide stockists Baby On The Move and Sleepstore and also began to ship to Australia, outlets were shuttered for lockdown.

Online sales began to make up for this, but we were immediately hit with supply problems as shipments from overseas slowed.

It took a minimum of 60 days to land stock and we had to take pre-orders.

I began giving free antenatal breastfeeding classes via Zoom, and provided access to a free online breastfeeding programme during lockdown.

This not only helped mums, but also kept us in close personal touch with our market.

Advice to other entrepreneurs​

What have I learned since launching More than Milk?

First, customer service is key. Know your customers.

Ive created an avatar of our ideal customer and recommend you do the same.

Make sure your products are top quality and offer guarantees for your products.

Another golden rule is to stay in your lane or area of expertise. Use your specialist knowledge and do what you know. Thats what has worked for us.

As a breastfeeding specialist, I know breast pumps, and More than Milk is built on that.

Julia Daly is a mother of three and is the Director of More than Milk, a lactation and specialist breast pump business.


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