The subtle way Hailey Bieber showed support for Selena Gomez

No negativity here.
Hailey Bieber may be married to Selena Gomez's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, but the model was quick to show support for the "Look At Her Now" singer's new cover of Vogue. This week, fans noticed that Hailey liked Vogue's new Instagram pic, which depicted Selena's upcoming April cover.

The caption of the photo read, "The pandemic, a political awakening, and a Spanish-language EP have all pushed @selenagomez into uncharted territory. For our April issue, Vogue gets to know the superstar with grand plans."

Hailey reignited her romance with Justin in 2018, mere months after his split with Selenaleading some fans to speculate that there was tension between the women. The rumors of a feud intensified when, one month after Hailey and the "Intentions" singer threw their star-studded wedding ceremony in September 2019, Selena released "Lose You to Love Me," which many fans interpreted as a breakup ballad about Justin.

Selena, however, insisted to her fans that there was no reason to target another womanwho many assumed to be Haileyin order to support her.

"I am so grateful for the response of the song. However, I will never stand for women tearing other women down," the 13 Reasons Why producer said during an Instagram Live shortly after the song's release. "So please be kind to everyone."

That same month, Hailey liked an Instagram post supporting Selena's new album Rare.

And, in December of 2019, she also shut down the gossip in an interview with British Vogue, telling the magazine, "I think social media is a breeding ground for toxicity and people creating false drama between women and trying to put women up against each other and create these narratives that are just...toxic."

While the double tap is a subtle gesture, it's just further proof that Hailey has no interest in perpetuating the story that there's bad blood between her and her husband's ex.

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