St Jospeh's Church lantern undergoing maintenance

New Plymouth's 52-year-old St Joseph's Church is undergoing some much-needed maintenance.
Scaffolding has been erected around the church's glass lantern tower, and Denise Fleming, of the Catholic Parish of New Plymouth, said they were replacing all the glass.

The lantern has been leaking for a number of years," she said.

A lantern rises above the junction of the four arms of a cross-shaped church and is usually in the shape of an octagon.

Each section of St Joseph's lantern has three glass panes, and but the work will minimise the risk of further leakage by replacing them with one large pane in each section.

Church services are able to go ahead as planned, but there may be some slight disruption as scaffolding had also been erected on the inside of the lantern to support the exterior works, she said.

Fleming was not in position to comment on the cost of the repair, but said the parish was paying for it out of the maintenance fund.

The work is expected to be completed by mid-May.


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