Robyn Malcolm paints the town ... pink, coral, lemon and green

When it comes to renovation, Robyn Malcolm has a motto: joy before taste (but why not both?).
The Outrageous Fortune star debuted an outrageously bold colour scheme for her early 1900s Auckland home on Instagram on Friday night, with her hashtag choice summed the effect up: #happyhouse #pinkhouse #whynot #downwithbeige #downwithgrey

"I just went, 'what's gonna make me happy? What's gonna feel good when I walk out the front door?', Malcolm said on Saturday.

"Of course, you get people saying, oh, you're gonna mess up the resale of your house. I don't care about that. Why would I care about that?"

Robyn Malcolm has chosen six bright colours for her Auckland home.

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Malcolm completed a renovation of the homes interior during Lockdown in 2020, adding similar ice-creamy hues in her kitchen.

Having used bright colour inside the house, the outside didn't really match the inside any more.

"I was in New Orleans a few years ago, and they just have streets of the most unbelievably bright colours. They're just stunning.

All this stupid advice that people give you like, 'you must only ever use three colours on a house'; you look at the shotgun houses in New Orleans, and they use 12 colours, they use their house as a blank canvas."

Malcolm settled for six complimentary and contrasting colours in her scheme: The body of the house is Resene Rose Bud; then there are two other pale pinks, Tuft Bush and Half Sauvignon for the windows; the main trim colours are Summer Green and Golden Tainoi; and that beautiful bright coral on the front door is Big Bang.

The six resene colours Malcolm has chosen for her home.

The effect is harmonious, warm and above all playful, with an almost tropical vibe that harks back to its Nola inspiration.

"I don't know why someone decided that sophistication was about grey, mushroom and beige. I don't know where that came from," she said.

"I don't know why somebody in design decided that human beings were frightened of colour and attracted to the bland.

Choosing which colours to use was a process of elimination that started with about 400 testpots at one point and ended with the actor trying them at both the front and back of the house.

Even the front gate matches the scheme.

"I became a bit addicted to test pots, actually.

"Neighbours would come past and go, 'have you decided on your paint yet?' And I'd be like, 'no, I havent quite yet'. Because the thing is, if you are going to go bright, then it's a good idea get it right."

After choosing her hues, the work was completed in about 10 days by a two-person crew that did an amazing, beautifully detailed job.

When she shared the shots to Instagram, Malcolm expected a few negative comments, instead her followers have loved it.

"I just wanted something joyous, particularly, maybe, after the year we've had. I wanted something that when I drive up the street it makes me happy to look at it, which it's doing."


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