Police have one person in custody after lifting Waimate cordon

Police have one person in custody after an incident in Waimate that involved the armed offenders squad.
Police cordoned off an area of the South Canterbury town, which stretched from Dash St to the Queens Lodge at the intersection of Queen and William Sts and Mill and Gorge Rds (State Highway 82) , around 2pm Wednesday. The cordon was lifted at 3.20pm.

A police spokesperson said no charges have been laid at this time.

Earlier a police spokesperson said they were responding to an incident in the town and had cordoned off an area as a precaution.

Waimate High and Waimate Main schools were both asked to lock down by police.

An armed police officer walks down a street in Waimate during an incident which saw some schools in a precautionary lockdown.

Waimate High School posted on social media that police have ordered them to go into lockdown due to an incident they are dealing with on Queen St.

This will mean all students/staff/visitors will be required to remain in place in their rooms and on site until we have been given the order from police to release students.

An eyewitness said the whole block was cordoned off near Victoria Park.

Access to the lower half of Queen St is impossible. Whatever is going on is having big repercussions. The cordon goes down State Highway 82. You can't take it.

The police cordoned off an area of Waimate Wednesday afternoon.

I saw an armed offender squad anggota crouching down beside an oak tree with a rifle. I thought it was some sort of exercise. Then I saw a few police cars.

People inside the Oak House Medical Centre were told by police to pull all the blinds down and stay inside.

A Waimate resident was also told to stay inside while another resident, who lives on Mill Rd, was asked by two police officers if they could use his backyard.

The cordon blocked a couple from Christchurch from getting through to their campground. They told a Stuff reporter they sat and watched the cordon as they didnt have anything else to do, but couldnt see anything.

A few members of the armed defenders squad remained outside the Queens Lodge after the cordon was lifted and told a Stuff reporter they were cleaning up.


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