People warned of dangerous amounts of eutylone circulating in Wellington ahead of Homegrown music festival

More than 20,000 people are expected to pour onto Wellingtons waterfront on Saturday, as Kiwi musical festival Homegrown kicks off for the first time since 2019.
But with the festival comes increased risk of drug use, and the potential for someone to ingest a substance more dangerous than what is says on the packet.

In a post on the Wellington District Facebook page, police warned that a sythentic cathinone known as eutylone was circulating in Wellington.

Eutylone is a stimulant drug in the synthetic cathinone family and is known to be sold and taken as MDMA as it mimics the effects.

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In addition to this, the effects of the drug take longer to kick in (over two hours), meaning a user can take more before theyre aware of the effects, and end up overdosing.

Their advice was that no drug use is the safest drug use, but their drug warning website, High Alert, as well as drug checking organisation KnowYourStuffNZ and the NZ Drug Foundation, had useful information on how to keep safe.

Police are working with event organisers to ensure the well-being and safety of event goers.

It is important to remember that illicit drugs are generally manufactured and/or imported by people who put profit above all else and do not consider the health and wellbeing of users.

High Alert put out statement, warning festival-goes to be aware that dangerous amounts of eutylone had been detected yellow Red Bull tablets.

The drug was first discovered in the capital by drug testing service KnowYourStuffNZ during testing of a substance presumed to be MDMA.

In a statement, High Alert said the yellow pills may contain up to 200mg of eutylone, and no MDMA.

In February, High Alert issued a notification to advise of pink Red Bull tablets circulating in Christchurch that contained dangerous amounts of eutylone. It is possible the yellow tablet is a variation of the pink tablet as a result of the increased awareness around it.

The drug has been linked to a number of hospitalisations, including at the recent Christchurch music festival Electric Avenue. There have also been multiple reports of frightening experiences following its consumption, with effects lasting up to 10-days.

High Alert strongly recommended not taking eutylone.

While no drug use is the safest drug use, testing of any MDMA is recommended to help lower the risks.

In situations where a drug testing clinic is not available, a reagent test can be used to detect it, which can legally be bought from the Hemp Store or Cosmic.


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