New charity op shop opens its doors in Palmerston North

A new op shop which helps children overseas has opened in Palmerston North.
Orphans Aid International has this week opened a charity op shop on Broadway Ave in the central city, selling second-hand and fair-trade items.

Orphans Aid International chief executive and co-founder Sue van Schreven said it was the charity's seventh store since it started in 2005 in Invercargill. The charity works to rescue children from unsafe situations and put them in homes.

We had a goal of opening a shop in a university town. We've been working on this one for the last couple of years and looking for space.

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Weve got a good amount of support here from Palmerston North. Weve been fundraising and other people have been supporting us.

Weve got a team of 25 volunteers and were really rapt with the warm response.

All the items in the store have been donated, but the store also sells fair-trade items which are made in the countries the charity works in.

The Orphans Aid International op shop also sells fair-trade items.

The shop's profits go to the charity.

Van Schreven said the charity helped people who were in desperate need and was also keen to help people in the Manawat community.

There are pictures on display in the store showing the countries where the charity helps children, including Romania, Russia, India and Bhutan.

Orphans Aid runs a school on the border of Bhutan and India.

Van Schreven said the charity had this week given a vanload of items to local trusts, including Palmerston North Street Van.

The shop was still looking for donations, particularly small furniture, book cases and bric-a-brac.


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