Jacinda Ardern made into Lego figurine for International Women's Day

Fans of the Prime Minister can now get their hands on a miniature plastic version of her.
A Lego minifigure of Jacinda Ardern has been created as part of an International Womens Day collection. The Ardern toy is themed around her Covid-19 response.

Ardern joins the list of big names made into the figurines, including Lady Diana, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks, Michelle Obama and Harriet Tubman.

Each year a new collection of figurines is created for International Womens Day, which was celebrated last Monday.

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The figurine, which comes in two colours, Arderns skin tone and the traditional LEGO yellow, shows Ardern holding a Unite against Covid-19 poster.

A quote from her is written on the back: I refuse to believe you cannot be both compassionate and strong.

The figurine is selling for about NZ$23.

LEGO/Custom Minifigs
A quote from Ardern is printed on the back of the figurine: I refuse to believe you cannot be both compassionate and strong.

Legos Custom Minifigs situs says Ardern is a truly inspirational leader.

Taking office at the age of 37, she is New Zealand's youngest Prime Minister since 1856. She is known for her progressive policies, and for her successful handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in New Zealand, it says.

Arderns figurine can be purchased by itself or in a set with others in the 2021 collection.

Twenty per cent of profits from the International Womens Day collection are donated to an international non-profit organisation which gives micro-loans to woman around the world, to help them with their small businesses.

Also in the 2021 collection are figurines of Jane Austen, Ella Fitzgerald, Boudica and Audre Lorde.


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