iCarly's Nathan Kress and wife London welcome baby no. 2

Introducing Evie Elise Kress!
iCarly star Nathan Kress and his wife London Elise Kress have welcomed a daughter, the actor announced on his Instagram. "And just like that, 3 became 4 Evie Elise Kress, born 3/20/21 at 5:31pm. 6 lbs, 4 ounces of light and life," Nathan wrote alongside the first photos of his newborn. "My wife is superhuman, and doing extremely well. My children are the greatest little gifts on the planet, and I still can't seem to stop crying."

The Nickelodeon star, who played Freddie Benson on iCarly, first announced his wife's pregnancy in October. "Absolutely thrilled to announce that Baby Girl #2 is well on the way!!" he shared. "After multiple previous miscarriages, we can thankfully report that mom and baby are doing perfectly so far. Yet another reason to be excited for 2021!!!"

Nathan and London are also parents to daughter Rosie Carolyn Kress, who was born in December 2017.

For Rosie's second birthday in December 2019, Nathan took to Instagram to write a sweet message to her. "My Dearest Rosie, You are 2 years old. How did this happen? Where is time going?" he asked. "I can't believe the person you have become over this past year. You are a walking (sorry, sprinting), talking, sharapg, POWERHOUSE of a human being. You are impossibly energetic, as spirited as the day is long, and your infectious personality charms every single person you meet."

"You still never stop moving, exploring, observing, absorbing. The world is just not enough," Nathan continued. "You live voraciously... ravenous for adventure, and danger. You are literally fearless. Like, it's becoming a problem sometimes. You are a giant ham, just like your daddy."

Nathan went on to share that it had been a "hard year" for their family. "Tough stuff happened. We've all done a lot of growing up. You especially!" he noted. "Your strong will and determination have been on full display as you continually recite your favorite word: 'no'. You're learning so much about boundaries, patience, manners, right and wrong. It's a lot!! You get frustrated. That's okay. That's part of it. In the midst of it all, you have displayed understanding and comprehension beyond your years. It's truly inspiring."

Days before welcoming his second daughter, Nathan appeared at the 2021 Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards where he reunited with co-stars Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor. As fans may recall, iCarly is coming back with the trio for a revival on Paramount+. So, it's going to be a very exciting and busy year for Nathan!

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