Group of Star Wars fans in Russia build Mandalorian spaceship replica

A group of serious cosplaying Star Wars fans in Russia have built a life-sized replica of Din Djarins ride, the Razor Crest, and then left it in the Siberian city of Yakutsk.
While sometimes we have to use stock images as the lead, thats the actual fruits of their labor above. Some might call that quite impressive.

The model-craft, which is reportedly 46-feet [14m] long, weighs more than a ton. Those dimensions were revealed by Ayaal Fyodorov to TASS, a Russian state-run news company.

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According to the Moscow Times, Fyodorov credited the groups social media following for providing the money necessary to complete the project, saying Our Instagram followers helped us. When we called for assistance, they helped us raise the needed funds.

He also said that a private company, the Yakutsk IT park, provided aid in renting a hangar that was the only place big enough for them to put the ship together.

Fyodrov and his team worked hard to replicate the exact design of the ship. He says that the model cost more than 750,000 rubles, which is equivalent to about $10,300 U.S [NZ$14300]. In addition to fundraising off IG, he says he also pulled money from his savings and sold his car.

We were very much motivated to make it. As if we were inside the TV series and rebuilding the ship, he said. This is the only such cosplay ship in the world.


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