Fairlie woman plucks seven-leaf clover in one in 250 million find

Rebecca Booth is on a lucky streak, plucking a seven-leaf clover just two months after finding four and five-leaf versions a day apart.
The 44-year-old Fairlie woman spotted the one in 250 million plant sticking out like the proverbial while collecting firewood on Friday afternoon, less than a week before St Patricks Day.

All my life, Ive been pretty lucky finding multi-leaf clovers, Booth told Stuff.

This one was just by the tyre of our truck. There were no more [clovers] around it, it was just out of the blue, and the leaves definitely came from one stem.

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The first thing Booth did after the lucky find was buy a Lotto ticket using her birthday and the birthdays of her husband and five children. She would also channel the plants mystical power into catching the heaviest wallaby in a hunting competition across South Canterbury this weekend.

Just this year, Booth found a four-leaf clover on January 20 and one with five leaves the next day.

Booth usually pressed her four-leaf clovers into books, but she put the seven-leaf one in water to keep it alive longer and was considering getting it framed.

Its quite fitting because its St Patrick's Day next week and my children go to a Catholic school, so they might take it for show and tell.

Booths five-leaf clover, found two months before one with seven leaves.

Booth believed she inherited her luck from her mother, while none of her five children had ever found a multi-leaf clover.

I just seem to spot them. I dont sit there and search for them by any means, she said.

Its weird but I kind of get the feeling I'm going to find one, so Im not really surprised when I do.

Booth said each leaf of a lucky clover symbolised hope, faith, love, and luck. A fifth leaf represented money, but no meaning had been assigned to a sixth or seventh leaf.


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