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More than 41.6% of men between 26- 39 and over 40 suffer some level of Erectile Dysfunction. And the problem grows worse the older you get.

Most people (and doctors) think that medications are the only solution. This is, however, far from the truth. Only 1/3rd can be helped using prescription medication.

The side effects of all these Erectile Dysfunction medications are horrendous. Maybe the worst side effect is permanent impotence that cant be treated in any way.

This is because Erectile Dysfunction isnt really as complicated a condition as the greedy drug-makers want you to think.

Here is how erection works:

Your penis gets hard when more blood flows into it than out of it! The blood is pumped into the penis through small arteries and leaks out of it through veins.

All Erectile Dysfunction drugs are based on increasing blood flow into the genital area or decreasing the drain out.

Most men experience some level of emotional Erectile Dysfunction.

The rule of thumb is that if you wake up frequently with a full erection (3-5 times/week) but still cant gain full erection during intercourse, the problem is more emotional than physical.

This often happens for a short period of time when youre under a lot of stress or experiencing a traumatic situation. Its normal and usually nothing to worry about.

However, it becomes a serious issue if your problem continues after the stressful period ends. In that case, the emotional Erectile Dysfunction has become chronic.

Most cases of Erectile Dysfunction are blend of both physical and emotional.

There is always solution to fix all these issues with :

Breathing exercises
Mental exercises
Awareness exercises

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