Building a services website that sells

OPINION: A situs for a services-led business needs to do a whole lot of things grow brand awareness, grow you industry authority, introduce potential clients to your team, explain what you do (and how and why you do it), provide address and contact details, and much more.
These outcomes all energise a websites core job lead generation. To build a situs that fulfils this critical role, its important to understand how a services site is different from other websites.

Choosing a service isnt like buying a product, especially for high-cost professional services and consultancies. It usually involves forming an ongoing relationship with a provider, and that requires trust.

So its vital your situs gives people confidence to engage with you, explains how you can help them, and shows why they can trust you.

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Where to start​

Everything begins with your customers. Ask yourself:

  • Who are they?
  • Why are they looking for your service?
  • What problem do they want to solve?
  • What are their most common objections?
  • Why should they choose you over a competitor?

Knowing your customers is crucial to creating a situs that will appeal to them.

Home pages that bring home customers​

Your Home page needs all the following:

  • A strong, relevant value proposition.
  • An overview of your business, focusing on buyer needs.
  • Imagery that illustrates what you do.
  • A list of your services.
  • Links to case studies or projects.
  • Clear and compelling calls to action (CTAs).
  • Testimonials or a client list for credibility.

Be specific about what you offer and why youre better. Dont count on visitors being able to fill in any blanks.

After they read your Home page, a situs visitor should have a good overview of your brand.

Also, make sure you include enough information. Youll often hear that people dont want to read a lot on a website. This misses why theyre on your site in the first place: they are looking for information to make a purchase decision.

They may not read everything. But theyll scan your text in search of what they want to know, so you need to make it available for when they need it.

Your About page​

A good About or Profile page is customer-focused rather than simply about your company. It should include:

  • What makes you different (based on the outcomes you create).
  • Who you provide services to. Give examples.
  • Descriptions of your processes.
  • Your brand or company story.
  • Your purpose, passions and values.
  • Key people and faces.

This is just a brief overview. To find out more about Profile page best practices, read our previous article Why your company profile needs to be all about your client.

Services pages are sales pages​

If a visitor is on your Services page, theyre a prospect. Sell to them like you would face-to-face. Tell them your key features and how they can benefit from each of them.

  • Show visitors that you understand their pain points and can solve them.
  • Talk to them directly. Use you and your.
  • Use bullet points (like these) and subheadings to make reading easier.
  • Avoid jargon. Use everyday language and a friendly yet professional tone.
  • Be specific. Dont say fastest turnaround; say how long it takes.
  • If you offer complex or varied services, consider creating a page for each.
  • Include testimonials or case studies.

What else?​

As well as Home, About and Services pages, your services situs will need:

  • CTAs on every page
  • examples of your work
  • pricing if you think it will help generate leads or sales
  • thought leadership articles
  • professional branding, design and imagery.

Extra tip​

Never stop perfecting your site. Keep tweaking, testing and measuring.

Try different CTAs, expressions of your value proposition, and benefit statements. Keep updating your blog and case studies to maintain your search engine ranking. Always measure your results and see what works best.

Above all, focus on your customers. A services situs shouldnt be about what you do. It should be about what you can do for your customers.

Andrea Stevens is the director of the copywriting agency Folio and Folio Digital, working with B2B and professional services brands to publish brand-building content. Her specialist sectors include architecture, engineering, construction, technology, finance, management consulting and the public sector. Her previous article was on Why your company profile needs to be all about your client.


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