Broad Citys Ilana Glazer is pregnant with her first baby

Ilana Glazer is going to be a mom!
The Broad City alum and her husband of nearly four years, David Rooklin, are expecting their first child.

Entertainment Weekly revealed the news in an interview with Ilana, 33, out Wednesday, March 17.

She shared that since getting pregnant, she has been turning to "amazing role models for pregnancy and parenthood" in her own life to get some top-notch advice.

"I'm not afraid to ask a billion questions," the New Yorker told EW. "There are certain trends in society of how pregnancy should lookthe shoulda coulda wouldas that are put on women all the time but are so amplified in pregnancy. I'm specifically seeking out the most spiritually healthy and welcoming experience."

Ilana later added, "The process of birth is so traumatic and painful, and yet it's the most miraculous, surreal, real thing."

Her own pregnancy actually ties into her latest film role in False Positive, out on Hulu on June 25. The horror flick follows Lucy (Ilana) and Adrian (Justin Theroux) as they try to get pregnant with the help of fertility expert Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan).

"This was not supposed to happen this way, but it's just so eerie and cosmically funny that it has," she said, referring to the coincidental timing of her own motherhood journey and the film's themes. (False Positive finished filming in the spring of 2019, before Ilana got pregnant.)

"It's about how the patriarchy is expressed through medicine," she explained of the film. "I'm lucky; I'm in control, unlike our protagonist... I don't feel like I'm having the rug pulled out from under me in any way."

The outlet notes that her husband, David, has only been able to attend her ultrasound appointments via FaceTime because of the coronavirus pandemic. The technology component made him compare Ilana's medical experience to Lucy's. As the actress recalled, "He keeps being like, 'Ah, False Positive!' And I'm like, 'I'm not even going there!'"

Ilana married the scientist in 2017, after they met in college at New York University. Last month, the star shared a hiking photo of him on social media, calling him her "partner for life."

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No word yet on how her Broad City partner-in-crime, Abbi Jacobson, is reacting to the baby news, though she is very stoked about the Hulu thriller. Abbi shared a first look at False Positive on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, writing, "OHHHHHHHMYGOODNESSSSSYES."

Ilana is also eager to reveal more of her maternity experiences with the world, ideally through live comedy shows once it's safe to do so. "I'm desperately missing sharing [my pregnancy] through stand-up," she said.

We'll just have to wait until things open back up again to hear her hilarious lessons on motherhood.

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