Bachelor NZ: What happens when your boyfriend calls you by his other girlfriends name?

OPINION: Tonights Bachelor saw Moses progressing his connection with a few of the girls with some choice solo dates but an embarrassing faux pax threatened to spoil his one-on-one with Shenae.
What happened? He called her Chanel! Look, in all honesty, it wasnt that bad, but it was maybe the most interesting thing that happened this episode so here we are. Moses had invited Shenae to hang out after todays group date, which was Tarot card reading, and I dont want to make fun of anyone whos into that kind of stuff you do you but it was very hard to take this all seriously.

What do you do after your boyfriend calls you by his other girlfriends name? Eat scones, of course.

Sounds, uh, interesting. First of all, they were next to a house shaped like a shoe. Second of all, Megan, the card reader, was saying a lot of rather vague platitudes for each card she picked up; Lou was told the cards shed chosen revealed that in a partner, she was looking for connection (no way, me too!), freedom (sounds good!), love (I mean), peace (are we not), joy (...all looking for these things?), and lastly, the utterly profound, never-been-done-before, family connection. (I rest my case).

Anyway. He must have liked what he heard in Shenaes empress card, which is about nurturing. But as soon as they sat down with their scones and started chatting about their connection, Moses said: yeah, I vibe with you Chanel. Shenae didnt seem that bothered. They do have very similar names. Weve moved on.

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Meanwhile, new arrival Annie threw herself into todays solo date. Literally, threw herself. Arriving at the beach to go kayaking with Moses, she jumped into his arms as though he was Ryan Gosling and she was Rachel McAdams and it was raining and it was the 1940s and they were in South Carolina and not Nelson, Aotearoa. (I have never seen The Notebook, but I hear its alright). In the boat, they made vague plans to do the Abel Tasman Coast track together, before berthing at one of those golden beaches and settling in for a little picnic. Moses came the closest he has all season to kissing one of the gals, but he held back. Maybe next time: these two seem to have a good connection, enough for Moses to say: I love our relationship, which, to be honest, if someone said that to me roughly four days after Id met them, Id run in the other direction, but Annie seemed fine with it.

There was a young couple who lived in a shoe...

Back at the house... Negin was finding the pressure to be a bit too much. And fair enough: Moses has somewhat sidelined Negin, who seems like a great gal. It was very cute and sweet that Negin was embarrassed to cry on national TV, but I thought it was sweet that she was showing her vulnerability. Along with Devaney, she seems to be finding the whole format to be a mental challenge, and Im not surprised. I hope TVNZ offer all the women mental health support, because they ask a lot of them and put them through mental and emotional hell for our entertainment.

Meanwhile, Lydia was thoroughly displeased with her Tarot reading. She was told she was essentially there for a good time, not a long time. I would maybe have interpreted this another way: that life is short, and were all going to die in the end anyway, so why not have a bit of fun along the way. But she was concerned enough that she felt the need to kidnap Moses as soon as hed sat down with Lou and Lana in order to clear things up. She had every right to, but I also kind of loved the image of Lana and Lou, snacking on crackers and having a mean-spirited cackle as Moses and Lydia walked away.

Forget the contestants, has anyone checked if Art is okay?

Who went home? No one! This episode ended on a cliffhanger, with the girls lined up for a rose ceremony, when suddenly, Devaney walks up to Moses and asks him if they can have a quick chat. It seems shes about to bow out of the competition to be honest; I dont know if her and Moses have enough of a strong connection anyway, and she wasnt proactive enough to seek out time with him during the cocktail party. Time will tell if they let her disrupt the rose ceremony for an emergency chat! Until next week...


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