Bachelor NZ: Theres no other way to say it - this is extremely boring

OPINION: Theres no other way to say this: tonights Bachelor episode was extremely boring. But we may as well start with Moses first almost-kiss.
What happened? At tonights cocktail party, transplanted to a winery just to zhuzh things up a bit (necessarily), Moses took Annie for a walk amongst the vines. Its been pretty obvious from Annies arrival that these two hit it off on a level that the others dont, which isnt to say shes got the most chemistry with Moses, but theres definitely a special something passing between these two. Annie shared that shed been having some wobbles the previous day, and the two then held each other in a deep embrace, and it felt like we were veeeery close to witnessing Moses first kiss

The kiss that certainly wasn't a kiss. Moses and Annie are getting pretty close though.

But no. I mean, it was still pretty intimate: there was sustained neck hugging, followed by a smooch to the back of Annies hand. I dont think Moses should feel any pressure to accelerate his kissing, because I think any sane person would agree that The Bachelor format is insane anyway, and any kiss at any point in the show would be a pretty quick move in the real world. That said, I have definitely kissed a number of boys on first dates, because kissing is fun, so maybe I should be quiet. But then on second thought, in the real world, a good first date often spans a few hours, and it takes a fair few episodes for any of the girls to get that amount of time with the leading man. Anyway, it must be stressed here that, despite TVNZs best efforts to tell us otherwise, this is not a competition between Moses season and Arts season.

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And yet they keep banging that same old drum. The pole-dancing competition this episode had me yawning so much my jaw almost locked. It seemed that Art was just there to show us that he is buff, which he is, and the repeated references to the Bach-off (a term I feel ill reprinting in this recap) were enough to send me to sleep. Its just so dull

And a one, two, three, four....

Pardon my negativity. Maybe Im feeling burnt out because were nearing the end of the season, but I cant imagine many viewers finding this entertaining. Plus, pole-dancing looks really hard; good pole dancers have strengthened their cores into concrete blocks. The gals gave it their best shots, but I didnt envy them when it was sprung on them instead of yoga or whatever else they were supposed to be doing.

Art is almost too good" when it comes to the art of pole dancing.

A quick aside: Why are Art and Moses staying in a hotel room that looks like it was imported directly from the 1970s?

Anyway, it was Negin who was sent home at the top of this episode. That came as a shock to Negin, myself, and Im sure many other viewers. Considering Negin had just been on a solo date with Moses, on which shed seemed to build a proper connection with him, it was interesting that he decided they didnt have a shot at love. Of course, we cant know whats going on inside Moses head, but outwardly it seemed like these two could have a future. Negins exit is a loss to the show; she was such a fun person to watch, always lighting up the screen with her humour and smile.

Meanwhile, Lana was taken for another single date. She was hoping Negins date hadnt set a precedent that meant shed be next out, but I also wonder if that wouldnt necessarily be a bad thing. I think Lana is one of the most down-to-earth Bachelor contestants weve ever had, and seems like a great gal, but I wonder if the way she bristles as Moses cheesiness isnt a sign that maybe theres a lack of compatibility. Personally, I would also have shrunken away if someone tried to pull a Demi-Moore-in-Ghost-pottery-moment on me, but if its someone elses cup of tea (like, perhaps, Annies or Shenaes or Lous), then maybe its time they get the chance to hang out with him a bit more.

And thats about all I have left to say about this episode. Until tomorrow, fam.


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