Bachelor NZ: Emotions boil over, bachelorettes come to blows

OPINION: Tensions flared on tonights Bachelor NZ, with a play-fight between two bachelorettes barely concealing the anger beneath.
What happened? As someone who hates conflict, this particular conflict was deeply uncomfortable to watch. It all started with Chanel gently encouraging Lydia to do the dishes, saying that combo of Lydia and dishes is like oil and water, which is hilarious, but does sound pretty annoying. Lydias defence was that she does her own dishes, just not other peoples, which I think anyone who lives in flatshares would agree is not an excuse. Sure, no one wants to clean up after others, and everyone should really be taking care of their own dishes, but the one flatmate that deliberately and selectively washes only the dishes they touch is supremely annoying and should really not be living communally. Its an individualist approach best saved for living alone.

Things got physical on The Bachelorette NZ.

Anyway... That moment of gentle mothering from Chanel turned sour when out of nowhere, Annie tells Lydia: Your roots look like crap. I think it was intended as jokey banter, but wow, it was way out of line. It also had no relation to the dishes conversation, and was just super off the mark. It got even worse from there

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Annie then came flying at Lydia. And she was screaming, just kidding!!! I dont want to be overly critical of Annie, because I think she had good intentions, but this came across like a very poor reading of the situation. Lydia quite clearly did not want to be touched, and verbalised as much. This was followed up by a tea-towel whip from Annie, possibly the worst thing she could have done in that very moment. Then that turned into a spot of rough-and-tumble, with Annie pushing Lydias face towards the floor. I wanted it to end the moment it began.

Lydia is clearly struggling with life inside the Bachelor mansion.

It was all in good fun, no? Maybe it was off-camera, but thats not how it came across. I definitely felt for Lydia this episode, who was later extremely upset. I absolutely recognised the feeling of not even knowing why youre feeling down, and feeling particularly brittle to the attempts at comfort from friends. She had a real emotional moment when the talent show was announced, and Moses sweetly comforted her, but I really hope Lydia got some extra support from the crew.

Again, someone needs to check on host Art Green.

I feel like Ive been banging on about this in these recaps. But this season of The Bachelor is really revealing the way in which the format essentially inflicts an extreme mental strain on a group of people for our entertainment. Its no wonder Lydia was feeling down, given how stressful living in the mansion must be, compounded by no contact with the outside world and no stimulation outside of doing silly games with Moses. By the end of this episode, it seemed Lydia was considering leaving the show, and I hope she makes the choice that works best for her, because she doesnt owe Moses anything. Im sad she felt so upset this episode, because she absolutely didnt deserve to.

Speaking of leaving Last weeks cliffhanger was revealed in the first few minutes of this episode, with the rose ceremony called off when Devaney decided to quit the show. It seemed like the right call for her, though Im starting to detect a trend, with Steph doing the same before her and now Lydia considering it as well. Me thinks Moses might need to start working a little harder to get to know the girls

Maybe if Moses paid less attention to his oranges and more to the women he's dating, they might stop leaving voluntarily.

At least he gave Negin a date today. Their day out sailing seemed lovely, with Negin saying she was catching the feels by the end. Though I do think Moses was a bit unfair when he said he felt like the third wheel between Negin and the sailing instructor. She was just being nice and chatting to him, because shes a nice person!

A word on that talent show: What an excruciating experience to put the bachelorettes through. It was cute to see them all give it a crack, and especially sweet to hear Lana sing she shouldnt have felt so embarrassed about it because it was lovely and brave. But judging by how poorly the stand-up comedy competition went down on The Bachelorette, and how tough everyone found this one, I think these should be vetoed on the show from now on.

So will Lydia bow out tomorrow? We shall wait and see; in the meantime, I do hope she amends her washing-up habits.


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