Ambitious 30 year future vision on freshwater in Taranaki sought by regional council

An online survey asking Taranaki residents what they would like to see happen with the regions waterways has been launched by the Taranaki Regional Council.
The survey, combined with a series of workshops, is the first step by the council to develop a 30-year vision for the regions freshwater.

It asks Taranaki residents to share what is important to them within the four topics of environmental wellbeing, economic value, social provisions, and cultural value and traditions of freshwater.

The survey is a mix of tick boxes and text boxes for more in-depth explanations. It also requires respondents to identify areas within Taranaki which are particularly important to their freshwater aspirations.

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The regional council is one of the first territorial authorities in New Zealand to publicly engage with residents to formulate a long-term vision on freshwater use.

The survey results will feed into the councils reviews of the Freshwater Plan for Taranaki and the Regional Policy Statement for Taranaki.

TRC planning director Chris Spurdle told the councillors at Tuesdays policy and planning meeting the 30-year vision was to be aspirational and broad based.

It was aligned to the councils draft regional policy statement (RPS), and the Governments national policy statement on freshwater (NPS-FW), he said.

The plan is expected to be completed by late 2023 and will set out residents aspirations and expectations for rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands in the region, Spurdle said.

Feedback from the online survey, and meetings with tangata whenua, stakeholders and communities would provide recommendations on the 30-year vision for a revised regional policy statement.

The council would work closely with the Wai Mori Group before drafting any recommendations in the RPS, Spurdle said.


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